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A Personal Appeal from John Woodman —
       Independent Researcher and Author of This Site

Over a year and a half, I’ve completed a thorough and independent investigation of a question of national interest, which literally tens of millions of people have wondered about.

Is the President of the United States actually eligible to his office?

Along the way, I’ve looked at the question: Are candidates such as Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal, born on US soil of non-citizen parents, eligible to the offices of President and Vice-President?

[Skip the blather, I just want to contribute!]

For Much of the Time Spent, Finding And Providing These Answers Has Been Like a Second Full-Time Job.

These 18 months have produced clear and definite answers to these questions. But definitive answers to dozens of claims don’t come quickly or easily. I estimate that I have personally invested well over $20,000 worth of time and effort into finding and demonstrating those definitive answers.

And that would be a conservative estimate.

I’ve watched others raise funds — asking as much as $5,000 a pop — for the purpose of spreading various claims to the public that are frankly untrue. Many or most of these have done so while waving the American flag, proclaiming themselves to be “patriots,” and labeling those, such as myself, who have told the actual truth, as “traitors.”

Spreading false claims is not patriotic. Lying to the public is not the work of a patriot. It is not honorable, and it does not uphold the ideals of the Founders of this nation.

I Need Your Help.

Until now, I have refrained from asking for contributions from others. In the end, I realize that I and my family need contributions from others to help lighten the load.

My work on the issue has been done with a goal of providing the truth, whatever the cost. Yes, I have a book for sale. To date, after expenses in publishing and publicizing the book, I have not yet made one single penny off of it.

But I have provided the honest truth, for any and all of 300 million Americans to see for themselves. And in regard to the question of whether citizen parents are required for a person born on US soil to be Constitutionally eligible, I’ve provided — freely accessible at this site — more than a book’s worth of accurate and informative material.

And I believe that providing the truth, whether politically “convenient” or not, is the best and most patriotic deed I could and can do for my country.

I’ve done this while working to maintain a small business and support a family of eight — myself, my wife, and our six children. As a result, both my business and my family have borne more than their share of the burden.

That is why I am asking now: Would you consider helping share the substantial cost of providing the truth to the American public, by making a contribution to help lighten the load?

How much do we need? you might ask. Well, frankly and realistically, we need every penny of $20,000.

Is this a realistic goal? Well, the two current Presidential candidates — Obama and Romney — have been raising an average of nearly $3 million per day over the past month, for their election campaigns.

I know that there are many individuals across America who will make the maximum election campaign donation of $2,500. Yet for those who do, that amount will be the tiniest drop in the overall bucket — representing approximately ONE ONE-THOUSANDTH of what that candidate will receive in contributions on that one day alone.

How many votes will such a contribution realistically “buy”? Like most people, I already know who I’m voting for, and it doesn’t matter in the least how much money the other guy spends on advertisements.

At best (given the size of campaign budgets and the relatively small number of voters who will be swayed by candidates’ advertisements) I estimate that it costs around $40 just to “buy” a single vote. So your maximum campaign contribution of $2,500 — if you’re fortunate — might gain your candidate 60 or 70 votes, out of 60 or 70 million votes that candidate will receive.

I am not of course saying “Don’t give.” I particularly encourage you to give of time and persuasion to your friends and family members regarding the candidate of your choice. I believe that is more effective than giving cash to a candidate in most instances.

But I am also saying there is a place that you can put a contribution that is likely to have a far more significant impact than your cash contribution to a major candidate.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it would be if we could find just 20 people who would each be willing to contribute $1,000. Or 40 people who would each contribute $500. Or 10 people who can and would be willing to contribute $2,000. If you can afford to do so, would you consider being one of those people? I can tell you this: Here, your contribution won’t be just a drop in the bucket. Here, your contribution will make a major difference.

And if you can’t afford to make a larger contribution, even the smallest contribution you might make will still make a difference. A contribution of even $20 is enough for me to take my patient and long-suffering wife out to dinner. (As I write this, we have just returned from a very satisfactory lunch out, on which we spend a total of $8.56. Yes, as parents of six children, we know how to stretch a dollar!)

Contributions may be made through PayPal, or sent via mail to:
John Woodman, 3509 E Linwood Dr., Springfield, MO 65809.

As contributions come in, this page will be updated.

Even a contribution of $5 helps. And for those who are willing, a monthly contribution for a time is even better. You can make a single contribution of any amount by clicking the button to the right, or choose from monthly contribution buttons below. If you would like to contribute in a different way, please simply contact me at:


Even if you can only contribute by spreading the truth to others, that’s still an American and patriotic contribution. And I would like to thank you for whatever contribution you can make.

John Woodman

Thanks for your contribution!