The Questions

Seldom are we faced with a public mystery as important as this one. For if the birth certificate is a forgery, then we have an illegal President.

That’s why it’s important to get at the truth.

Below are some — not all — of the questions addressed in Is Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate a Fraud?

  • Does the presence of “layers” mean it’s a fraud?
  • Was the birth certificate number edited?
  • Why doesn’t it look like it’s a scan?
  • What’s with the mysterious white halo?
  • Oh my — many of the letters are exact duplicates.
  • Why are the date stamps different colors?
  • Does “kerning” show absolute proof of a fake?
  • Do we have uncurved text on a curved form?
  • Why are there no tab stops?
  • Why no official seal?
  • Does “hidden text” reveal a different birth certificate number?
  • Is this the certificate that Hawaii sent?
  • Did Hawaii Health Director Dr. Fukino describe a different document?
  • Does the out-of-sequence certificate number prove it’s a fake?
  • Did they “lift” the birth certificate number from another child?
  • A misspelling in the stamp?!
  • Did the forger sign his work?
  • And do different typefaces irrefutably prove a fraud?

After the release of the long-form birth certificate, John Woodman set out to uncover the answers to these (and other) questions surrounding the birth certificate — whatever those answers might be, and whatever they might mean.

This book is the result of his careful, independent, professionally-done 3 month investigation.

The information in this book will:

  • help Americans understand the birth certificate issues
  • present the evidence in a clear and well-supported way
  • reveal the author’s original investigations — and his resulting findings
  • and help provide guidance to the question many are asking: “What now?

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