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“Very late one night, I was closely examining the birth certificate…

Around 2 am, I made a strange discovery… I realized that the trend I was looking at could easily mean – if it held at certain other points in the document – that I had actually found the kind of credible proof of forgery that so many people were searching for.

I stopped, sat back, and considered the implications.

A forged birth certificate of a sitting President, whose
eligibility had been in public doubt.

A press conference presenting credible proof. A first small news article, with agencies very reluctant to report at first. Then, the beginnings of public shock as attempts to
refute the claim failed. Recognition dawning.

And the beginning of a growing public storm that could most likely only end with the resignation or removal from office of the President of the United States. The history of a nation changed – forever.

Heart pounding, I turned my attention to the few critical areas of the document that would shortly tell the tale…

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