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The Latest Birther Idiocy — Article from Mara Zebest Claims that Savannah Guthrie “Proves She’s Complicit” in Obama Birth Certificate “Forgery”

I hope the birther readers of my blog will forgive me for stating the obvious when I use the term “idiocy” — but frankly, after more than a year, I am finally about running out of patience for the ludicrous … Continue reading

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Some Questions for Mario Apuzzo on Natural Born Citizenship

Recently, Mario Apuzzo, the main proponent of the claim that “natural born citizen” means “someone born on US soil of two citizen parents” — has participated in some debate here regarding Swiss philosopher Emer de Vattel’s influence (or lack thereof) … Continue reading

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Stanley Ann Dunham Obama’s Day Month Off (Or, the TRUE Story* of How Barack Obama Was Born in Kenya)

Oh… yeah!! Stanley Ann was soooo excited! At 18, she was going on her very first trip, all alone, as an adult. And it wasn’t just to the big island of Hawaii. It was to East Africa! Her parents had … Continue reading

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