Breaking News: Jerome Corsi Agrees to Participate in Tomorrow’s Debate!

I just heard from Mark Gillar, who tells me that Jerome Corsi has agreed to appear in tomorrow’s debate.

Mark is planning for a two-hour show, with Mara Zebest, Karl Denninger, and Tom Harrison in the first hour and a half, and Jerome Corsi appearing for the last half hour.

Stay tuned!

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13 Responses to Breaking News: Jerome Corsi Agrees to Participate in Tomorrow’s Debate!

  1. John Woodman says:

    Again, the debate can be heard via, starting at 2pm US Central Time.

  2. good luck john !

    this is a great thing, you’ve got moxy !

  3. How do I turn into the radio show tomorrow 1-21-2012 on the debate with Jerome Corsi??? Thank you

    • John Woodman says:

      Hi Leslie,

      The debate is to take place starting at 2 pm Central Time — you can tune in by going to It’s “blog talk radio.” I assume that as 2 pm approaches, there will be a link you can click on to listen through your computer. There will probably also be a call-in number you can call to listen by telephone as well.

      Per the host (Mark Gillar), the first part of the debate, from 2 to 3:30, is to involve Mara Zebest, Karl Denninger and Tom Harrison. Dr. Corsi is due to show up at 3:30 pm. Again, the times are US Central Time.

  4. Here is a direct link to the show. At 2 PM CST this should open and play: You can also call and listen on this number I believe: (646) 727-3170 (Mr. Gillar says he will not be taking questions.)

    John will also be on my show for a while for a “debriefing” starting at 5 PM EST/ 4 PM CST. The link is–lfbc-debate-wrapup-show or you may call (347) 324-5546 to listen or ask a question.

  5. Thomas Brown says:

    As an intelligent and rational Liberal, I have bee hoping—for the good of the country I love—to find rational, intelligent discussion of the “Obama birth controversy” by a staunch Conservative. I have mixed feelings about having finally located one on your site.

    My brother is another such, and he has been saying for quite some time that the recent loopiness and conspiracy-mongering on the Right has been “giving Conservatives a bad name.” As tempting as it is to want that to continue, I cannot choose partisan advantage over the national good.

    Of the myriad things on which the two sides may disagree, one thing we should both agree on is that America would be worse off were either party were to permanently seize control of our Nation. Given that assumption, it stands to reason that level-headed, fact-based discourse should be encouraged on both sides, and blatant misrepresentations, distortions, etc. should be equally discouraged.

    I think it would be good if more people took up a cursory study of the basic Logical Fallacies. Ad Hominem seems to be a favorite currently, as in “Al Gore is a stiff, unlikable prig, therefore global warming is a hoax.” I’m sure you can think of many other examples. And conspiracy fans on both sides would do well to heed the unarguable idea that, as Carl Sagan said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence.

    Keep up the good work, and if you will tell folks once in a while that not all Liberals are idiots, I will do the same for Conservatives. Actually, I will do that in any case.

  6. richCares says:

    I listened to the debate and found that birther’s are allegic to facts and truth, I think you just wasted your time.

  7. John Woodman says:

    Thanks for the comment — and thanks for listening!

    And I appreciate your sentiment that it was a waste of time. However, my feeling is that if it illustrates to others what you said — that the opponents I faced today are “allergic to facts and truth” — then I count that in itself to be a valuable illustration for some.

    Again, thanks for listening!

  8. I would like to thank JohnWoodman for providing a full hour of his time on my show after a very intense debate on the Mark Gillar program. It was something he didn’t have to do and he was gracious enough to do at the last minute.

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