Joseph Farah and Jerome Corsi: “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?”

WorldNetDaily is continuing its 8-month-long campaign of promoting claims that Obama’s birth certificate is a clear forgery with a new article on Anderson Cooper’s recent CNN coverage of their “Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate?” banner over the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Texas.

They have no problem paying attention to anybody who makes the claim they want to promote to their readers, but they’ve been strangely deaf to any and all information that doesn’t confirm the claims they so dearly want to promote.

More than two weeks ago, I publicly challenged Jerome Corsi — along with all the best of his “more than 20” experts — to appear and publicly debate the evidence regarding their claims.

According to Mark Gillar, host of the Tea Party Power Hour (who was to speak with Corsi and his main experts about the debate), Mara Zebest, Karl Denninger, and Tom Harrison have all agreed to debate me — but he also stated that Jerome Corsi would not appear.

This is very odd, as Jerome Corsi does not seem at all the type to turn down any opportunity to get public air time.

To see whether I can clean out any of the wax in Jerome Corsi’s — and in Joseph Farah’s — ears, I have just posted a message in the comments section of their latest birther article. With a small typo corrected, here’s what it says:

Joseph Farah says Corsi “completely discredits” the validity of the birth certificate. Corsi has repeatedly backed theories of proof it’s a fake. It’s all nonsense they’ve been feeding you for the past 8 months. I CHALLENGE JOSEPH FARAH, JEROME CORSI, AND THEIR BEST EXPERTS TO PUBLICLY DEBATE THE EVIDENCE REGARDING THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

Right now a public debate involving myself, Mara Zebest, Karl Denninger, and Tom Harrison is scheduled for January 21 on Mark Gillar’s Tea Party Power Hour. I CHALLENGE FARAH AND CORSI TO SHOW UP AS WELL. WorldNetDaily readers should demand Farah’s and Corsi’s participation too.

Jerome Corsi, are you listening? Can you hear me now? How about you, Joseph Farah? And do either of you have the guts to show up for a public debate?

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12 Responses to Joseph Farah and Jerome Corsi: “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?”

  1. set a a date, time and place, i’ll be there too. this is a good for America thing to do.
    then, i’d like a similar conference on who wrote “dreams from my father”.
    let’s make more progress on these issues soon !
    best regards John, scott erlandson, WashingtonAmerica.Com

    • HistorianDude says:

      He wants a debate, Scott. Not pointless trollery from one of the weakest voices in the Birther chorus. What do you hallucinate you have to contribute to such a debate? Seriously?

    • John Woodman says:


      I really appreciate your support for this debate. As for those who are actually participating in the debate, my goal is to make it a debate involving the primary claim-makers and experts as much as possible. This means Jerome Corsi, Joseph Farah, Mara Zebest, Doug Vogt, Karl Denninger, Paul Irey, and Tom Harrison.

      That’s 7 specific experts I’ve challenged. It includes Farah and Corsi as the major players pushing claims of forgery to the American public for the past 8 months. Both of these have, as far as I understand, literally hundreds of public appearances under their belts. And my list of 7 includes every one of their 5 major experts.

      I think 7 giants against one little computer guy sounds fair enough to me. Nonetheless, if they have others of their 20 or so experts (almost all of whom have been anonymous to this point) who are willing to publicly come out of the shadows, I’ll consider adding them to the list too. The only qualification is that I won’t publicly live-debate a teenager (such as Albert Renshaw). I’m perfectly willing to answer any and all points made by Renshaw (and in fact, I already have) but as a parent with teenage kids myself I will not publicly live-debate a teen.

      Teenagers excepted, I’ll consider taking on any and all experts that Corsi and Farah want to produce… although it’s probably a good idea to keep it to the persons already listed for a first debate. These 7 people have made literally dozens of claims, and we do have to consider time factors for a 2 or 3 hour show. If Farah and Corsi have others, we could add them on to some later debate.

      In the meantime, facing their 7 top people alone is probably sufficient for now.

      • i’m not sure if your david and goliath angle will fly, don’t forget you’re defending obama and his chicago/hollywood machine. and you’re hoping to sell as many books as the other guys.

        you are a relatively new entry (so am i), trying to start right out with the generals. debate the technical aspects with mara et. al.
        it should be the first debate of many.

        from the 4/27th, all i’ve ever wanted was for the provenance/technical experts to analyze this. i know that every letter from every typwriter is unique like a fingerprint, so there is hard science here. i still haven’t heard a good explaination about the left margin, or the framing, i hope you all talk about that. i offered 5000$ for the original typewriter , it never appeared, it might have helped.

        everyone will want to see if there is an original, (everyone there will tell you they could tell for sure after two minutes, with the original).

        i will continue to peddle that shadow of doubt cast over the “transparent” president for blocking access to it. what’s he been hiding for so long ? the debate is moot to start, but still worth it.

        may i ask a question?, and i don’t mean to sound flippant… people like frank arduini (historian dude) have always said that no worthwhile expert has ever challenged the obama birth certificate. what is it about your credentials that are so much better, and why are they now expert enough for you to debate ??

        i’m sorry you won’t debate renshaw, i totally understand, but you will probably allow his testimony, that’s good. i hope it’s not the equivalant of debating every republican except gingrich. my dad went to m.i.t. when he was 16, so i can relate to people like albert. most renowned physicists hit it big early in life.

        i can’t wait for this great debate, this is the way it should be, maybe the media will even cover it, probably not. and i do admire your courage and moxy for coming forward, i know you must be getting some unfair heat. sorry about the obot crack, but those boys are nasty, and you seem like a good guy.

        you should take frank with you. in my mind, he is a jerk, but is the most knowlegable person i’ve encountered on this journey, on the whole subject (including eligibility). he is scary smart, off the charts, he could help you alot.

        cheers john, have a great holiday and new years !

  2. John Woodman says:

    Update: Have also posted at Joseph Farah’s new birther article at WND the following comment:


  3. John Woodman says:

    Copy of email to Joseph Farah:

    Mr. Farah,

    On January 21, I will be debating the evidence regarding Barack
    Obama’s birth certificate with at least three of your main experts
    who claim that the birth certificate is clearly a forgery.

    The debate is to take place on Mark Gillar’s Tea Party Power Hour.

    I am challenging both you and Jerome Corsi to personally appear
    and defend the claims you have made for the past 8 months
    regarding Obama’s birth certificate.

    What is your response? Will you appear and defend your claims,
    or will you continue to run and hide?


    John Woodman

  4. Beckwith says:

    I’ll debate you John. Here is my case:

    Now! Who you gonna believe? Team Obama or your lying eyes?

    PS — Here’s a bonus — Obama’s other bogus birth document:

    • John Woodman says:

      Are you one of Corsi’s experts?

      Any debate has to be reasonably fair. I’m not going to debate someone who’s semi-anonymous, hiding in the shadows.

      You should also know that I’ve already dealt with virtually everything in your file.

    • John Woodman says:

      And by the way: It’s my eyes that I believe, not Team Obama — or you.

  5. Woofer says:

    It is easy to mock the WND panel of “experts” for their confirmation bias and lack of real expertise. However, we must credit Joseph Farrah for contacting two real experts and obtaining an opinion on the validity of the LFBC. These were Ivan Zatkovich and John Berryhill. Both seem to have some bono fide creditability to offer an opinion on the document. Unfortunately, WND chose to not publish Mr. Zatkovich’s report nor what John Berryhill had to say. I think Mark Gillar should include these individuals in your debate.

    (In case you are wondering the real experts came to a different conclusion than the one that the other “experts” reached.)

  6. John Woodman says:

    April 2012: Having reached firm conclusions on the birther movement, I’m moving on, and closing comment sections of this blog as I do so.

    If you feel you have a comment to some post here that’s really, REALLY important and ought to be added to a post on this site, email me. If I agree, I’ll add it.


    John Woodman

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