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An Issue the Media Ought to Cover

Earlier this evening, I spoke with someone on the phone about Obama’s birth certificate. One of the things mentioned in the conversation was my position on the media coverage of this issue — which has been virtually nonexistent. Since when … Continue reading

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Laurie Roth AGAIN Ignores Reality to Repeat Disproven Claims of “Verified” “Total Forgery and Fraud”

Once again, Presidential candidate Laurie Roth apparently can’t be bothered to find out the truth about big claims of fraud that she’s making for the record over at Canada Free Press. Nor has Dr. Roth responded to any of my … Continue reading

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Presidential Candidate Laurie Roth Ignores Reality, Continues to Claim Obama Birth Certificate Is “Verified Forgery”

Once again I find myself in the somewhat unenviable position of reminding fellow conservatives that we need to stick to our strength — which is… the truth. The economy is awful — and everyone knows it. Conservatives should be pointing … Continue reading

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