Obama Book Reaches Canada, the UK — and Kenya!

We are pleased to announce that Is Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate a Fraud? is now available not only in Canada and the UK, but also to readers in Kenya through an online bookstore based in Nairobi, with payment in Kenyan shillings.

What’s more, BooksCradle.com, run by Morrison Booksellers on Muranga Road, Nairobi, offers “absolute free delivery” within the city of Nairobi. The store owners also state on the site that they accept payment upon delivery.

Showing that awareness of the Obama birth certificate controversy has reached Kenya, the book description reads, “The controversy of Barrack Obama’s birth certificate continues. A tech-savvy adds his take on the saga.”

The book is also available for download in pounds sterling for Kindle, and to readers in Germany (in English) through www.amazon.de.

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  1. skepticismrocks says:

    But the Kenyans know for a fact Obama was born in Kenya! Some were there in the hospital when he was born ;D

  2. John Woodman says:


  3. ◄Dave► says:


    It would be a kindness to your regular readers, if you would increase the number of comments displayed in your ‘recent comments’ widget. During a flurry of activity, some new comments scroll off before one checks back in, and then one needs to peruse the whole active thread(s) again, to make sure not to miss an interesting comment.

    The primary reason I check back often, is to see if your promised review of Dr. Pollans’s book has appeared yet. Is it still forthcoming? ◄Dave►

    • Chester A. Arthur says:

      John Woodman | September 6, 2011 at 12:37 am |

      Never mind — I know, really, what images you’re referring to. I’ve been working with them all day, in fact.

      And I have made some interesting discoveries, which I will post later at my own site. Stay tuned!

      -From Citizen Well’s site

      @Mr. Woodman

      I have a suggestion I would love you to consider. Mark Gillar has been one of the most fair “birthers” I’ve seen who hosts a blogtalkradio account. PJ Foggy had an interview with him, and the interview turned out very well. I was wondering if you’d be willing to consider going on his show and discussing the birth certificate issue with Mr. Polland. The problem, of course, would be trying to get everyone to agree and then set-up a time that worked for everybody.

      This is just a suggestion, but I feel such an interview with both of you could be epic.

      • John Woodman says:

        I frankly am not enough of a specialist in the SFBC that I would have that much to say. And I don’t really want to become one. Dr. Neal Krawetz, OTOH, seems to have been quite involved in the short-form certificate discussion. I’ve read a bit of the posts at hackerfactor.com, and recommend you read those, if you haven’t. But I would consider going on Gillar’s show, particularly in regard to the LFBC.

        • Chester A. Arthur says:

          I have read Neal Krawetz’s analysis, but he lacks credibility. He makes it very clear from the get-go he is an anti-birther and “none of it matters anyways.” I was looking forward to what you had to say for more of an objective analysis.

          I should also mention I am not saying Krawetz is not an expert, he’s just not an objective expert.

          I personally consider the short form to be a lot more important than the long form. I agree with anti-birthers in this regard. I don’t, however, have much doubt in my mind the long form is a “real” document. Like I mentioned before, I consider short form discussion and long form discussion to be almost completely different issues.

          • John Woodman says:

            And one of my rules has consistently been to try and do independent analysis, setting aside whatever impression I may have of Krawetz, Polland, etc.

            My initial impression of Obama was that he was probably born outside of the United States. However, my analysis of the LFBC really did not confirm that initial impression.

    • John Woodman says:

      Dave ,

      Suggestions as to how to improve things with WordPress are always welcome! 😀

      I don’t see an immediate setting for that, though. Do I have to hack a bit of code?

    • John Woodman says:

      Oh, and in regard to Polland’s book: I still want to do a post on it, but it’s getting mixed in a bit with other priorities at the moment. If you want, you can be sure you’re signed up for the updates (see “Get Updates!” link) and I will try and remember to specifically mention a Polland posting in an update.

      I’m trying to balance the various demands of my regular business, with all the various aspects of the book project, with all the various aspects of family life with a wife and 6 kids. This week I’ve had a birthday, a wedding anniversary, and a middle-school event. The high-school football game was canceled. Not the game itself, but my needing to go. 🙂

      At the moment I have tons of planned work to try and further get the basic word out about the book, including preparation for an anticipated interview that will be the biggest interview I’ve done to date. And I have a fairly major event coming up very soon with our oldest. I do think I will eventually get around to putting up the commentary on Polland’s book, but as you can see there are lots of other things vying for my attention. And while I do think I noted something significant in regard to the sfbc, I’m now thinking it’s more in the category of things that are almost unknown simply because they haven’t been talked about, rather than probably being a completely new discovery.

      • Chester A. Arthur says:

        I’m already signed up.

        To be honest though, I was really looking forward to a somewhat in depth analysis 🙁 I’m disappointed you don’t want to “become a specialist,” but your reasoning is completely understandable. I just want people to be aware it is possible for the long form to be “real” and the short form to be “forged.” This possibility is often disregarded by both sides of the debate.

        Also, I’ve been meaning to comment on your “The Questions” section of your site. It states:

        “Seldom are we faced with a public mystery as important as this one. For if the birth certificate is a forgery, then we have an illegal President.”

        I don’t consider this to be completely true. I think the eligibility issue is not necessarily directly intertwined with whether Obama is a “legal President.” Just my two cents.

        I look forward to your future postings! I still hope you post even though you seem to be very busy :/

        • John Woodman says:

          You said: “I just want people to be aware it is possible for the long form to be ‘real’ and the short form to be ‘forged.’ This possibility is often disregarded by both sides of the debate.”

          I’m not ignoring that possibility, or the possibility (which may be what you mean anyway) that we could have no evidence the long-form is forged, and yet find clear evidence that the short-form is.

          And that’s one of the reasons that I expect I probably will get around, sooner or later at least, to doing that Polland post. 🙂

          • Chester A. Arthur says:

            Well, I’m not saying there may be “clear evidence” that the short form is forged either. Although, that debossed seal implies it’s unauthentic because only “raised embossed seals are used for the purpose of authenticating records”…

            I look at Polland’s analysis and how he claims Okubo’s short form may have been used as a template, then see how the White House, Obama, and Okubo all claim the short form was requested in 2008, and my suspicions are greatly raised.

            Hey, if you can find “clear evidence” of a forgery though, all the more power to ya. I don’t think you will, but you may surprise me! And hey, I’m sure the anti-birthers would be even more surprised.

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  5. John Woodman says:

    April 2012: Having reached firm conclusions on the birther movement (see my various most recent and wrap-up posts), I’m moving on, and to facilitate that I’m closing comment sections of this blog as I do so.

    My feeling is that the things that need to be said have already been said.

    That said, if you feel you have a comment to some post here that’s really, REALLY important and ought to be added to the site, email it to me. If I agree, I’ll add it.


    John Woodman

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