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Paul Irey Refuses to Publicly Debate the Fonts

It’s official. I spoke with Paul Irey this morning, and he stated that he won’t be taking me up on my challenge to debate, in the largest possible venue, the evidence regarding the fonts. If you’ve been following the issue, you’ll … Continue reading

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John Woodman Challenges Paul Irey to a Public Debate — in the Largest Possible Venue!

If you’ve followed the widely-rumored claims that Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a forgery, then you’ve probably heard of Paul Irey. Mr. Irey is one of the more prominent of the 20 or so experts that WorldNetDaily claims to … Continue reading

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I Catch WorldNetDaily Scrubbing Information that Directly Contradicts One of Dr. Jerome Corsi’s Most Important Fraud Theories!

Well, this has been interesting! Very interesting indeed. Two days ago, WorldNetDaily published an article intended to further bolster Paul Irey’s claim that differences in the fonts prove the Obama birth certificate is a forgery. The major new information that … Continue reading

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A Response to All of “The Usual Critics”

As an author with a new book on a controversial topic, I’ve suddenly been flooded with a whole series of personal attacks by people who don’t like the results of my 3-month investigation. First let me comment that I am … Continue reading

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Obama Book Reaches Canada, the UK — and Kenya!

We are pleased to announce that Is Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate a Fraud? is now available not only in Canada and the UK, but also to readers in Kenya through an online bookstore based in Nairobi, with payment in Kenyan … Continue reading

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Answering Citizen Wells

I would like to thank Citizen Wells for his review, and for taking the time to read the book. However, I can certainly say that many of his conclusions and points don’t match my own perspective. And I will explain … Continue reading

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Citizen Wells: “The Burden of Proof is on Obama.”

Any author who writes on a highly controversial topic will receive negative reviews. And my topic is certainly one of the most controversial issues one could choose to write on. I’d like, then, to present the second written review I’ve … Continue reading

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Correction: Incorrect Name Used for Democratic Party

I’d like to correct an error in the book that was politely pointed out to me during the course of my radio interview with Reality Check Radio. The proper name for the political party of Democrats is the Democratic Party, … Continue reading

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First Written Review

I’d like to thank Dave of Thoughts Aloud for the first written review of “Is Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate a Fraud?” Here’s an excerpt: “[Dr. Jerome Corsi of WorldNetDaily] has produced an impressive array of so-called experts from several different … Continue reading

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