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Epilogue: Confirmed, Confirmed, and Reconfirmed

 More than a year has passed since I wrapped up my public commentary here on the claims of the “birther” movement, and brought this blog to its official close. And I hadn’t intended to ever post again. However, a few … Continue reading

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Exclusive! “Hawaii Girl” Confirms Her Parents’ Race — and I Crack the Actual Entries, Confirming that Arpaio’s Codes Don’t Match the Hawaii Codes, Either.

Today I talked to “Hawaii Girl,” the owner of the birth certificate posted by WorldNetDaily last year which destroyed their claim that President Obama’s birth certificate number was “out of sequence” and therefore “proof of forgery.” You can get a … Continue reading

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Statement Regarding Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s July 17, 2012 Press Conference: Part 1

On July 17, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona presented a second press conference in which he reiterated earlier claims that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. In his first press conference on the subject (March 1, … Continue reading

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Hawaii Very Officially Verifies Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

Upon receipt of a request that they were legally able to comply with, the Hawaii State Department of Health has provided clear official verification that the information in the long form birth certificate image posted last April on the White … Continue reading

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New Jersey Court Finds Obama “Natural Born Citizen,” Chastises Apuzzo for His Common-Law Claim

A New Jersey court has ruled against another ballot challenge filed on the basis that it supposedly takes two citizen parents to be a “natural born citizen,” specifically taking birther lawyer Mario Apuzzo to task for making the claim that … Continue reading

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On the Release of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Report Stating that Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate is a “Forgery”

Yesterday, Sheriff Joe Arpaio (“America’s Toughest Sheriff”) held a press conference in which he announced to the world his “preliminary conclusion” that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a “forgery.” Working under the assumption that Arpaio had competent investigators at … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Mario Apuzzo

Note: I have submitted the following as a comment to attorney Mario Apuzzo’s blog, and reproduce it as an open letter here. Mario, Speaking of “being shot down with every one of your comments,” I have answered every single one … Continue reading

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Why the Birthers Lost

Judge Michael Malihi has ruled against the birther challenge to Barack Obama’s appearance on electoral ballots in the State of Georgia. In fact, Orly Taitz and the birthers lost in a contest against an empty table. Neither President Obama or … Continue reading

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Most “Birther” News Outlets Fail to Cover Debate

Continuing an apparent blackout of any real discussion of the claims that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a “forgery,” three major web sites looked to for news by those questioning Barack Obama’s eligibility to be President all failed (refused???) to … Continue reading

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Audio Available of Today’s Debate

The audio is now available from today’s debate involving Dr. Jerome Corsi, Mara Zebest, Karl Denninger, Tom Harrison, Nellie Ristvedt and myself, and hosted by Tea Party Power Hour host Mark Gillar: Unfortunately, the debate is a bit of … Continue reading

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